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If you are developer of AVI concerned software, I want to ask you to include support of extended INFO tags in your video products. Extended INFO tags are backward compatibile with Microsoft's definition of RIFF INFO tags. Extended INFO tags introduce effective means to sign AVI files and keep information in computer-friendly (database oriented) form. It means that instead of one piece of information you can use a lot of different fields.

The difference between Extended INFO Tags and RIFF INFO tags is new fields for description video/movie specific information like actors/actresses, editors, writers, producers, designers and so on:

Here is the DLL module (COM, OLE compatibile) for reading/writing AVI tags (Extended INFO tags). Since version 2.0 it has been published under GNU Lesser General Public License. You can inclide it in your products or use it's source code and make more efficient reading/writing routine.

Current version of DLL reads information from files bigger than 2Gb and provides a lot of technical details. Actually it was used in abcAVI Info Tips Shell Extension and abcAVI GDS Indexer plugin to provide its functionality.

Also you may download source codes of abcAVI Indexer plugin for Google Desktop Search, which uses abcAVI DLL for extraction of the information for GDS database:

There is one more way to include ability to read/write Extended INFO tags - MMAviInfo by Morgan Multimedia. It's open source project made with Microsoft Visual C++:

I had created several documentations when developed abcAVI, you can get it here:

List of used documentation (links to sites with FourCC codec definitions, help on structure of RIFF, AVI, OpenDML AVI, VFW Programmer's Guide, and other):

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