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Help this project!

abcAVI Tag Editor has a multilanguage interface. So you may help this project by translating an abcAVI interface to your native language. If you think, you are an expert, you may correct an existing language ini-file also.

Please, try to translate all the items in language ini. In my opinion users are worthy of good interface espetially in their native language. Please, use the spellcheckers for your language.

And one more request - check up your translation into the presence of truncated strings (strings that couldn't be fited in their place) and use the reductions if it is necessary.

All you need is to download one of the following language ini-file.

Language Pack Content

19 October 2005

LanguageVersionVersion of abcAVITranslatedAuthor(s)
English621.8.1.125100%Alexander Sorkin aka Kibi, Christopher Woods
Chinese (China and Singapore) Ali
Chinese (Taiwan and Hong Kong) Ali
Czech91.8.1.12598.7%Milan Hrubý, Milan Hrubý ml.
French141.7.0.9692.6%Philippe Nogaret, Marius Ovidiu, Patrick Descamps
German41.8.1.12393.1%TAG-Eintrager, Christoph Huhn
Hacker's English31.5.0.3561.1%Alexander Sorkin aka Kibi
Hacker's Romanian31.5.0.3558.3%Marius Ovidiu
Hacker's Russian31.5.0.3561.1%Alexander Sorkin aka Kibi
Hungarian81.7.0.9486.4%Jakuza, Cervid Ildikó, Marius Ovidiu
Italian131.7.2.10592.7%Fabrizio "Rush" Degni, DKDIB
Japanese51.6.1.6350.5%Kei AOYAMA
Norwegian21.6.1.6366.6%Brendan Johan Lee aka deadcyclo
Polish31.5.0.1334.5%Hrabia Tomasz Wojciech BAZYL, LMB
Portuguese (Brasil) Terumi Uemura
Romanian151.7.1.10293.4%Marius Ovidiu
Russian581.8.1.125100%Alexander Sorkin aka Kibi
Serbian11.8.1.12593.3%Borislav Surbat
Swedish21.6.1.63--%Nico Baciu (Neeko)

There is usefull application that can be used in translating ini-files. It's called "Translator" by Jernej Simoncic and could be downloaded from its homepage.

You should translate the difference between English and your language only. It's not necessary to leave variables in the new ini-file that doesn't differ from the English terms. Please, send edited or new ini-files to author's e-mail.

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