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The comparison table of different tag's formats

Information was verified at 9 March 2005

Extended INFO tagsRIFF INFOMovieIDIDivXInternet Movie Database *Morgan Multimedia INFO tagsGSpot INFO tags
TitleINAMNameINAMTitleTITLMovie Name1..32movies.list, aka-names.list    
CopyrightICOPCopyrightICOP    business.list    
ProductIPRDProductIPRD  Genre113..115     
Creation DateICRDCreation DateICRDYearYEARYear61..64movies.list    
Secondary GenreISGN      genres.list    
SubjectISBJSubjectISBJ    taglines.list    
KeywordsIKEYKeywordsIKEY    keywords.list    
Written byIWRI      writers.list    
Produced byIPRO      producers.list    
CinematographerICNM      cinematographer.list    
Production DesignerIPDS      production-designers.list    
Edited byIEDT      editors.list    
Costume DesignerICDS      costume-designers.list    
Music byIMUS      composers.list    
Production StudioISTD      production-companies.list    
Distributed byIDST      distributors.list    
CountryICNT      countries.list    
LanguageILNG  LanguageLANG  language.list    
RatingIRTD  RatedAGESRating115..116certificates.list    
StarringISTR  StarringSTAR  actors.list, actresses.list    
Encoded byITCHTechnicianITCHEncoded byCODE     Encoded byIENC
Digitized byIENGEngineerIENG       Ripped byIRIP
Internet AddressIWEB           
Digitizing DateIDITDigitizing DateIDIT         
SMPTE time codeISMPSMPTE time codeISMP         
Source FormISRFSource FormISRF         
Archival LocationIARLArchival LocationIARL         
Commissioned byICMSCommissioned byICMS         
PartIPRT  PartPRT1       
Total Number of PartsIFRM  Total Number of PartsPRT2       
Dots Per InchIDPIDots Per InchIDPI         
Palette SettingIPLTPalette SettingIPLT         
First languageIAS1       First language **IAS1  
Second languageIAS2       Second language **IAS2  
Third languageIAS3       Third language **IAS3  
Fourth languageIAS4       Fourth language **IAS4  
Fifth languageIAS5       Fifth language **IAS5  
Sixth languageIAS6       Sixth language **IAS6  
Seventh languageIAS7       Seventh language **IAS7  
Eighth languageIAS8       Eighth language **IAS8  
Ninth languageIAS9       Ninth language **IAS9  
Default audio streamICAS       Default audio stream **ICAS  
Base URLIBSU       Base URL ***IBSU  
Logo URLILGU       Logo URL ***ILGU  
Logo Icon URLILIU       Logo Icon URL ***ILIU  
Watermark URLIWMU       Watermark URL ***IWMU  
More Info URLIMIU       More Info URL ***IMIU  
More Info Banner ImageIMBI       More Info Banner Image ***IMBI  
More Info Banner URLIMBU       More Info Banner URL ***IMBU  
More Info TextIMIT      goofs.list, trivia.listMore Info Text ***IMIT  


* - Internet Movie Database is the most comprehensive online database over the world. It consists of information on 330060 movies and 1094579 names at 4 november 2002. IMHO it's good to have ability to store in AVI files the information from such sources.

** - Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher brings ability to switch "on the fly" between two or more audio streams in AVI files. It holds the information about language of streams in special INFO tags.

*** - Guillaume de Bailliencourt included these tags for fully compatibility with IAMMediaContent Interface.

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