Interface Description
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AVITags DLL has following functions declared in IExtendedAVITags interface:

·ReadAVITags - parse AVI file and places all the information into the container  
·WriteAVITags - saves new tags and/or patches AVI header  
·ErrorCodeToStr - provides the description of error code  
·NewTagContainer - allocates memory for the new container  
·GetInfo - extracts desired information from the container  
·SetInfo - inserts the information in the container  
·FccToStr - provides text representation of the FourCC  

AVITags DLL was written in Delphi, so all the function declarations made in Object Pascal. In spite of this AVITags DLL is language independent OLE Automation server. You can use it both in Delphi project and in the projects written in other COM supporting languages (C++, VisualBasic, VBScript and so on).

You can find the source code of abcAVI DLL in archive, that comes with the abcAVI DLL distributive. If you haven't got this archive, you can download it from
. The archive contains of the following files:
abcAVI.dpr - main project file  
abcAVI.tlb - type library  
abcAVI_TLB.pas - Delphi generated mirror of type library  
abcAVI_impl.pas - unit with declared fuctions  
abcAVI.res - project resources  
abcAVI.dof - project properties  
LGPL-license.htm - GNU Lesser General Public License